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The City of Eudora is located in Chicot County in the southeast corner of Arkansas bordering Louisiana and Mississippi. Eudora is known as the Catfish Capital of Arkansas.

Eudora is home to Grand Lake, one of the finest fishing lakes in the country, visited by such names as Bill Dance, world renown angler.

Three miles west of the city is the mighty Mississippi River, you'll find shopping and Riverboat Casino excitement. This little city is an "outdoorsmen paradise". So if you'll seeking good fishing and southern hospitality, feel free to stop by and visit.

Welcome to the City of Eudora, known as the Catfish Capital of Arkansas. Come and experience the breath-taking aroma of the fresh flowers and pine trees, meet some new friends and perhaps make this your "Home Sweet Home"!
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Sharing a Positive Note

A team of Doctors with the U.S. Navy (Arkansas Medical Mission), courtesy of Delta Regional Authority and the Department of Defense,spent  two weeks in June providing free health care for ages 2 and up, there were no income restrictions. They also provided eye and dental exams, general medical screenings, performed dental extractions, provided free eye glasses, and ligt supply of medications.

The response was overwehming, over 4,000 pairs of glassed were handed out and they served 5,595 Arkansas residents.